Bath Gloves, the kind you use in the shower for exfoliating your body. These nylon gloves are ideal for efficiently scrubbing even the most delicate and stubborn greens and vegetables. After all, they are delicate enough for human skin. Put on the gloves and both hands can scrub at the same time, making the process much quicker and more effective than using a standard vegetable brush. Buy an extra pair of bath gloves at any drug store or on, and keep them in the kitchen just for this purpose.

Spin 'n Stor  spinning bag, a reusable plastic bag to spin and dry greens and herbs without damaging even the most delicate herbs. Simply fill the bag half-way with washed greens, grab the top closed, and spin it vigorously (like a pitcher getting ready to pitch a fast-ball). Excess water drains into a reservoir at the bottom of the bag. Pour out the water from reservoir. Use washed and dried greens immediately or refrigerate them in the bag for later use. Available on


Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer,  a simple hand-crank tool that does a zillion things and lasts forever. Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and teeth create noodles, chips, and slices of most solid fruits and vegetables. My favorite thing to use it for: making spaghetti strands out of raw zucchini. Available on 

Kyocera Ceramic Slicer, a lightweight plastic hand-held mandolin with an incredibly sharp double-sided ceramic blade that slices in both directions. The non-corrosive blade never needs sharpening. Use a back and forth cutting motion to create paper-thin veggies (and onion slices) in less than half the time of a standard mandolin or knife. To wash, simply hold under running tap water. Available at

Tomato Shark, a simple tool for coring tomatoes and hulling strawberries. The sharp teeth pierce the flesh of the tomato or berry and gently remove the core and leaves. Available on

Microplane Zester/Grater, similar to a rasp (a small woodworking tool), ideal for quickly and safely grating even the hardest cheeses into very delicate strands. Superior for zesting citrus fruits and grating ginger. Available at

Flexible Cutting Mats, available in sets of 3 or more, in various colors to help the cook avoid cross-contamination. Use one color exclusively for meat and poultry, another for garlic and onions, another for fruits and vegetables, and another for fish. These cutting mats are very light-weight, take up no space, are dishwasher-safe, and best of all they are flexible so all your chopped foods can be easily funneled into the pot or bowl. Available in sets on or at your local kitchen shop.

Blendtec,this grand champion of blenders consistently out-performs its more-well-known competitor. BlendTec is faster, safer, more efficient, easier to use, simple to clean (with no waste), and gives a better finished product. Its sleek design, safety features, strong warranty, and multiple uses put it head and shoulders above any other small kitchen appliance. I have used mine every day for over twenty years. Contact me for best place (and price) to purchase Blendtec in Hawaii.

Ceramic Knives & Vegetable Peeler Set retains sharpness, never rusts, never needs sharpening, light-weight, simple to use. Available on 

BOOKS by Rebecca Woodland

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The Blonde Vegetarian easy cooking for good health, weight management, and great taste Available in hardback on 

Hawai'i Regional Cuisine Celebrating Today's Chefs of Aloha    Available in hardback on​

Available for download as eBook (through Contact):

 ​Kicking Cancerrecipes & resources to help reduce your risk of cancer, support recovery, and restore your quality of life  Available aseBook

The Freedom Cookbook~  gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free , corn-free, peanut-free, sugar-free, all-natural  recipes   Available as eBook

​(Rebecca is the author or a contributing author for each of these books.)

  My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets to simplify food prep ~ things I use every day

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