"Thank you for giving me the greatest trip of a lifetime!"

FYI: This is NOT strictly a vegan or vegetarian food tour. Although Vietnamese and all Southeast Asian cuisines feature plenty of vegetables and herbs, almost all the dressings are made with fish sauce. (If you are a very strict vegetarian or allergic to seafood, this tour may not be your cup of tea.)  Tour dates: September 25-October 13, 2019.  Again, the requirements for this trip include a sense of adventure, willingness to try new things, common sense, an open mind, ability to climb steep stairs and walk on uneven surfaces unassisted, ability to carry all your own bags unassisted, flexible attitude, respect for the host country and your travel-mates, curiosity and a cheerful spirit. This tour is not suitable for asthmatics or people with respiratory issues, due to possibility of poor air quality in some cities. For details of our 2019 tour, email rebeccawoodland@gmail.com.

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and  many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.".   ~ Mark Twain

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Please join me September 25-October 13, 2019  for another personalized, participatory travel experience in Vietnam and Cambodia! 

Requirements: an open mind and heart, cheerful attitude, common sense, curiosity, ability to walk distances on stairs and uneven surfaces, a love of learning, attentiveness, promptness, flexibility, willingness to try new things (including foods and activities), and ability to carry your own bags unassisted. Group size: max 7. Cost if registering before January 1, 2019: $5975 USD/pp (double occupancy), or $6475/pp (single occupancy)all-inclusive. After January 1, price increases by $200/pp.. Airfare, visas, all meals, cooking classes, excursions, ground transportation, accommodations in boutique hotels, entry fees, over-night cruise on Halong Bay, activities, etc. Not included: wine, hard liquor, Starbucks, personal services (laundry, massage, pedicure, etc.). A deposit of $1000 USD secures your spot.  Contact Rebecca to reserve your place on this unique tour. First come, first served. 



Highlights from our Food & Friendship Tours of

Vietnam & Angkor Wat

Next available tour September 25-October 13, 2019 

Registration is now open for the 2019 tour. Price includes airfare, accommodations, all shared meals, activities, entry fees, etc.

SPECIAL OFFER: Reserve your space with a $1000 deposit before January 1 to avoid the $200 price increase after January 1, 2019.

​​"It was a wonderful Food & Friendship tour. Your itinerary was outstanding in every aspect."


​​     Vietnam and Cambodia fascinate me like no other places on earth and I am thrilled to share some of what  I have experienced and learned during the times I've spent there.  Our small group explores the exotic flavors, colors, textures, and sites of Vietnam and Angkor Wat during the most pleasant time of year. The weather is mild ~ warm but not unbearably hot or humid. The tourist peak season starts November 1, so we avoid the worst of the tourist crush. Food is our main focus ~ its origins, flavors, production, preparation, and the people responsible for producing and creating it. Hands-on cooking classes, food-on-foot walking tours, market visits, off-the-tourist-track restaurants and cafes, and a  motorbike Foodie tour at night (to areas not yet discovered by tourists) are included in the itinerary.

    Local English-speaking guides unwrap the mysteries of the famous and not-so-famous sites, the nooks and crannies of Hanoi's Old Quarter, a rural village where rice paper is made entirely by hand, the mysterious Cu-Chi tunnels, museums unlike any other, ancient temples of the Angkor Wat complex, and more. An overnight cruise beyond HaLong Bay to Bai Tu Long Bay aboard The Dragon Pearl, a luxury wooden junk, takes us to places only reached by a select few. (Only two cruise companies are allowed access to this area.) 

    We stay in charming boutique hotels in prime locations, near everything we want to see, yet quiet and comfortable. Accommodations offer Western amenities (including free Wi-Fi) enhanced by gracious Asian hospitality, plenty of fresh fruits, and excellent breakfasts. They totally spoil us.
    What distinguishes this tour from every other Vietnam and Cambodia tour? First of all, we do not attempt to see and do everything that is on the typical "tourist trail". I hand-select the sights, activities, and experiences that I have found most interesting and worthwhile. We have an exciting itinerary that combines a variety of activities, events, opportunities, cultural exposure, and of course FOOD. (I have  friends who are chefs, cooking instructors, and owners of restaurants and cooking schools in Vietnam.) The schedule is designed to allow some "breathing space" - time for reflection, writing, shopping, self-care, photography, naps, wandering, and processing what we are experiencing. We may even spend time at an Oriental Medicine Spa, soaking in wooden barrels, simmering in a lemongrass-eucalyptus infused steam room, and getting stretched and rubbed by massage therapists. 

    In Cambodia, spectacular sunrises, apsara dancers, night markets, acrobats, and awe-inspiring ancient temples wrapped in tangled roots of gigantic trees await us. We may also spend time with kids at an open-air school under a stilt house along the river, where they are learning English. 

    Best of all, it is my privilege to introduce my travel-mates to some of my amazing (yes, amazing) Vietnamese and Cambodian friends who continue to enlighten, enhance, and enrich my life.