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Calling all artists, art students, and art enthusiasts!

​San Miguel Art Experience 

March 1-15, 2025

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


We spent 11 wonderful days/nights (2/25-3/7/2022) with Rebecca Woodland in and around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Rebecca’s frequent visits to San Miguel have gained her a deep insight into the people and places that make San Miguel and its vicinity an exciting and rewarding visit. Whatever your interests ~ whether art and culture (galleries and artist work shops), gastronomy (restaurants, wineries, olive farms), historical (archeological sites and indigenous festivals), culinary (cooking classes, touring local food markets), or environmental (Monarch Butterfly migration sites), Rebecca knows the best people and places to fulfill your interests. And just when you feel there is nothing more she can do, Rebecca will end your day at the top of a dazzling rooftop restaurant with a view of all San Miguel at sunset or at a table in one of San Miguel’s local cantinas. We would not go back to San Miguel without Rebecca!

Bob and Marcy Katz

​​​This magical town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, voted "Best City in the World" by Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast readers, was also voted "Friendliest City in the World." Founded in the 16th century, the town retains much of its original character and charm while offering modern amenities. A haven for artists, musicians, writers and other creatives, San Miguel is a center for culture and the arts, outdoor activities, culinary adventures, and fun for all ages, this thriving community has stolen my heart. It may steal yours too!​ Cost is $3,500USD and includes airport shuttle service, accommodation, all shared meals, art classes, art materials, entry fees, activities, excursions, and more. Price does not include airfare, personal services, or alcoholic beverages.  Requirements: a sense of adventure, willingness to try new things, common sense, common courtesy, an open mind, good knees, ability to climb steep stairs and walk on uneven surfaces unassisted, flexible attitude, ability to carry all your own bags unassisted, curiosity, respect (for the culture, your travel-mates, the property, and everything else), and a cheerful spirit. For details and proposed itinerary, email rebeccawoodland@outlook.com.​ 


"You gave us a totally awesome experience that truly enhanced our lives."

                                                                                                 ~ words of appreciation from a tour participant


This is not a strictly vegan or vegetarian experience, although San Miguel offers a variety of vegan/vegetarian options. Please let me know ahead of time if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, so I can plan accordingly. Most meals will be served family style.

Things to know before you sign up:

~ The San Miguel Art Experience (SMArt Experience) is designed for artists, art students, and anyone interested in exploring the art and architecture of San Miguel de Allende as a shared group experience. It is all-inclusive (except for airfare and alcohol), open to all ages 17-90, and fully participatory,

~ San Miguel's elevation is 6,200+ feet above sea level. This may affect your breathing and energy level.

~ Streets are cobblestone and paving stones. Good walking shoes are a must. This place is not suitable for anyone with knee problems or any issue that slows or prevents safe walking on uneven surfaces. Stairs are everywhere and elevators are extremely rare. Wheelchairs and crutches don't work here. (I know from personal experience when I broke my leg in San Miguel a few years ago...)

~ The air is very dry and the sun is bright. UV index is usually very high, so sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are strongly recommended,

~ The diurnal range is extreme, typically a 40+ degree difference in temperature on any day, For example,  very early morning may be 45 degrees, and late afternoon temperature may rise to 85 degrees. Dress in layers!

~ San Miguel is a very safe place, probably safer than your own hometown. Seriously.

~ San Miguel is a culinary paradise. All shared meals are in restaurants that have been hand-selected and vetted by myself. The food is world-class.

~ Laundry services are available at minimal cost. Do not overpack! 

~ Shopping opportunities abound. Artisan's markets, jewelry, olive oils, textiles, ceramics, folkloric art, etc. 

~ Casa de Cambios (CiBanco and InterCam) are the best places to change almost any currency. Do not rely on ATM's unless you enjoy waiting in long lines and your Spanish is good. 

~ A deposit of $1000 USD secures your reservation. Contact Rebecca and she will send a PayPal invoice.